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At DexDC, we consider the success of our business partners as our own success. We believe in the power of our partnership and strive to make a difference by working together on projects that will shape the future of technological advancements.


The privacy and security of our customers' information is a top priority for us. All of our data is protected by rigorous security measures and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

100% Money

Customer satisfaction is the core value of our business. If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, we are happy to provide a 100% refund within the framework of our return policy.


At DexDC, we aim for maximum performance in all our products. We continuously enhance our technology and infrastructure to enable our customers to excel in their endeavors.

Internet Speed

At DexDC, we strive to provide high-speed internet access for uninterrupted service. With high-capacity network connections, we offer our customers a fast and seamless experience.


About DexDC

DexDC, as a well-established company since 2011, has solidified its position in the industry by providing superior server and hosting solutions to its customers. With its advanced technological infrastructure and expert team, DexDC aims to offer uninterrupted internet experience to its clients.

Our company specializes in various fields and has particularly excelled in the following services:

Offshore Server: DexDC stands out with privacy and security-focused offshore server solutions. It offers suitable options to keep your data secure beyond the borders of the internet and allows you to advance your business without interruptions.

Offshore Dedicated Server: Our offshore dedicated server solutions, tailored to your specific needs, possess high performance and security standards. They provide an ideal platform for the growth of your business.

DMCA Ignored Server: DexDC provides DMCA Ignored Server services, allowing customers to enjoy a free platform without considering DMCA requests. You can focus on expanding your business without concerns about content distribution.

DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server: If you are looking for a dedicated server solution that is exclusively yours, our DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server service is ideal. With robust hardware and flexible configuration options, it meets the needs of your business.

10Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth Server: You can rely on DexDC's 10Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth Server solutions to meet your high bandwidth requirements. With fast and uninterrupted data flow, you can make your operations even more efficient.

10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Server: DexDC's 10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Server services are the best option for fulfilling your high demands. They offer uninterrupted speed and performance, helping you elevate your business to the next level.

Streaming Server: DexDC provides specially designed Streaming Server services for high-quality streaming experiences. With high bandwidth and stable connections, you can deliver seamless broadcasts to your viewers.

Streaming Dedicated Server: DexDC's Streaming Dedicated Server solutions offer top-level performance for content distribution and streaming services. It is an ideal choice for enhancing viewer satisfaction and delivering your broadcasts seamlessly.

IPTV Dedicated Server: DexDC offers reliable and performance-oriented IPTV Dedicated Server services for your IPTV broadcasts. You can deliver the best quality to a wide audience without any disruptions.

IPTV Streaming Dedicated Server: DexDC's IPTV Streaming Dedicated Server services are optimized for seamless delivery of your IPTV broadcasts. With high-performance servers, you can provide an exceptional viewing experience to your audience.

As DexDC, we aim to provide our customers with top-level security and performance by offering services from a Tier 3 certified data center located in the Netherlands. This certification demonstrates that our data center complies with high standards for critical infrastructure elements such as uninterrupted power supply, redundant cooling systems, network infrastructure, and security measures.

Our Tier 3 certified data center has robust physical and digital security measures in place to protect your data. With redundant power sources, it ensures uninterrupted operation and provides high-speed and reliable connections through its network infrastructure.

By utilizing our Tier 3 data center in the Netherlands, you can be confident that your data is secure. Our experienced technical teams in the data center provide 24/7 monitoring and support services to help you maintain seamless business operations.

At DexDC, we strive to offer the best solutions to our customers with a wide range of services. With our expert team and robust infrastructure, we are here to meet the needs of your business. We are eager to provide you with the most suitable hosting and dedicated server solutions.

Your Reliable Business Partner in Web Hosting Solutions

At DexDC, we strive to be your reliable business partner in web hosting solutions. We provide custom solutions for each of our customers and determine the most suitable options for their needs. Our services guarantee high performance, speed, reliability, and uninterrupted service. In addition to web hosting solutions, we also offer domain registration, email services, web software, and security services. Our goal at DexDC is to provide our customers with reliable, fast, and high-quality services for their websites and other online businesses.

We offer 10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Server hosting! Experience uninterrupted performance with high speed and unlimited bandwidth. Manage your business efficiently with this reliable, fast, and performance-driven solution. Our 24/7 support team is always here for you. We provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Contact us now and take your online presence to a new level!

We provide Offshore Dedicated Server hosting solutions. With our offshore servers, you can enjoy enhanced privacy and security for your online operations. Benefit from the freedom and flexibility to host your websites, applications, and sensitive data in an offshore location. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7. Take advantage of our Offshore Dedicated Server hosting and protect your online presence today!

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