Privacy and Security

This privacy policy governs the rules of information collection and distribution practices carried out by DexDC Internet Services, including the website and its sub-sites. Your IP address will be used to address any access issues related to your accounts/websites on our servers. It may also be used to identify you and collect explicit demographic information. We utilize cookies on our website for security monitoring and to prevent the display of repetitive advertisements. Cookies enable us to provide content tailored to your interests and facilitate session security by sharing relevant information.

In our registration form, users are required to provide their contact information (name, address, telephone, email address, etc.), statistical information (age, annual income, etc.), financial information (credit card details, account numbers), and personal information (tax identification number, identification number, etc.). The contact information obtained from this form is used to send our users information, news, and materials regarding our company and other companies we have identified. Furthermore, the contact information may be shared with official institutions seeking to communicate with our users. Due to security reasons, users cannot request the deletion of their records, as all records are stored for security purposes.

The financial information collected will be used for the purpose of collecting payment for purchased products and services, as well as for other necessary legal situations. Personal information will be used to verify the identity of users during login and in other required circumstances. Statistical and profile information is also collected within our website. These pieces of information may be used in all necessary situations.

Our website contains links to other sites. is not responsible for the privacy policies and content of other websites.

Public Areas

Our website includes forums, message boards, and news groups that users can freely use. It should be noted that the information provided in these areas becomes publicly available. When providing personal information in these areas, please consider this aspect.


Our company has implemented security measures on our website to prevent information loss, unauthorized use, and unauthorized alteration. These security measures include:

● Storage of past profile information

● Storage of notifications sent to the support system

● Recording of all phone conversations made with our company

● SSL protection and 3D Secure for login screens, except for credit card connections with banks

● Storage of all emails sent to our company


Our users have the right to modify any information they have registered on our website at any time. For security reasons, previous information will be kept on record.

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